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Alessandro Passante



Alessandro Passante is a native of the beautiful island of Capri. His family had a restaurant there and his mom was a Chef. With his restaurant life experience, he is responsible for overseeing all facets of the restaurant and for ensuring that the culinary and service quality upholds the highest standards. Also, he has experience in fine dining restaurant management and development of quality and service training procedures. 

Nino Mendoza

Head Chef

Nino was born in Pachuca de Soto. He has been at Bocca's since opening day in 2007. His passion for food and cooking can be seen and tasted in every dish that comes out of Bocca's kitchen. 

He had worked in a restaurants for over 30 years. Prior to joining Bocca, Nino worked at several well known Italian restaurants,

including Cacio e Pepe, I Trulli and Spiga and others.

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